Website Creation Features

From school fund raiser web pages to complete PTA web sites, Connecting Parents website builder educational web site development software can help you easily create and administer program web sites, educational web sites or PTA web sites to help promote your educational programs and communicate with members of your community. Connecting Parents website builder offers easy web site creation as well as additional PTA web site features that allow for simplified administration and PTA management of your site.

Easy to Use

Create your website even if you are not a computer whiz! Quickly and easily add photos, text, and links to your pages. No special software to install, allows you to edit your pages through the Internet. If you can type an e-mail, you can make your website!




Professionally Designed Graphics

Our design specialists will create your school's customized header graphic with the look and feel you want. This header will remain throughout your site to give it a consistent look and feel. You can edit your site's colors, fonts, and backgrounds at any time. The professional designers provide beautiful pages with easy navigation, so you can be proud of your school's website!




Interactive Calendar

Keep your parents informed with! All of your events are easily added to an interactive calendar with details and contact information about each event. You can color code your event categories and users can choose to view only the categories they want to see!

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Fundraising can be used as a great tool to connect parents to fundraising opportunities at your school. There is a built in fundraising module which automatically adds coporate fundraisers to the site. We've done the legwork for you!

1) Links parents directly to the sign up page for Albertsons. You only need to provide your school's ID number!

2) Easily add the company/store logo to the page. Fundraising has never been this easy!




Increase Membership

Families can easily join PTA using the form builder. All of your families can stay informed 24 hours a day with access to your school flyers, newletters and announcements. Whatever their work schedule, parents are only a click away from the latest school news!







Increase Participation

Every school needs more volunteers! The form builder allows you to get them! Create a customized form that goes directly to your e-mail! Your help is only a click away!








Create Links and Tables makes it easy to create links to other important school sites. Tables and graphics are easily added to any page. Your site will become a valuable tool for all of your school families!!









Upload School Flyers and Newsletters

You never have to worry about papers getting home again! You can easily upload your flyers, newsletters and announcements so that families can read them at home!







Unlimited Pages

Add pages instantly! Customize your pages to meet the needs of your school. allows you to keep pages "inactive" and only make them "live" to the public when you need them. Keep your pages hidden as long as you like!