PTA School Fundraiser Website Resource

Connecting Parents website builder easy web site creation software is not only an ideal parent teacher resource and PTA management tool, but it is also able to help you quickly and easily create a PTA web site or PTA fund raiser web site. Whether you’re organizing a raffle or hosting a school carnival, Connecting Parents website builder can help you expertly develop your next great PTA fund raiser idea or PTA fund raiser event. Connecting Parents website builder web creation software provides the following benefits:

Login Manager

Ensure the security of your PTA fund raising site with Connecting Parents website builder’s easy to use Login Manager feature. By utilizing the Login Manager, you can add users and passwords to help manage administrative details such as page creation and design.

Event Calendars

Help participants find out about specific events or special deadlines by using the Connecting Parents website builder calendar feature. This cool feature enables visitors to track when orders must be turned in, when prizes are awarded and any other special day in your fund raiser program.

Multiple Page Creation

No matter if you need one page or 100 pages for your fund raiser web site, Connecting Parents website builder web site creation software can help you easily create and manage your entire site.

No HTML Required

Connecting Parents website builder is deigned to be used by anyone, regardless of your experience or background with web programming. The program requires no HTML and is an easy-to-use, point-and-click application that makes building a web site as simple as possible.

Design Features

Connecting Parents website builder allows you to modify colors, pictures and backgrounds in order to make a custom web site for your PTA fund raiser. Whether you prefer lots of graphics and bold colors or a simple text page, Connecting Parents website builder web site creation software allows you to create a custom page to best suite your needs.

Site/Page Reinstatement

With Connecting Parents website builder easy web site creation software, you can save time by re-using your fund raiser site year after year. For your annual PTA fund raisers, you can simply disable the site after the event and update and enable it again for the following years.


For more information, please contact us today at or (949) 951-8701.

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