About PTA Website Builder

Developed by MediaBlend to serve the needs of PTAs and other members of the educational community, Connecting Parents website builder is an effective and economical web development tool. Connecting Parents website builder’s product features allow users to easily manage the entire web site development process including professional, customized design, and easy page management, administration and program maintenance associated with developing and hosting a web site. Both economical and simple to use, Connecting Parents website builder can make the process of bringing up-to-the-minute educational and organizational news to the community both fun and easy.


PTA Website Builder Provides


Easy PTA Web Creation

Connecting Parents website builder Web creation software requires NO HTML to use. Using a simple point-and-click interface, our PTA website builder walks you step-by-step through the replica watches uk entire design process and is as easy-to-use as your standard text software. Even adding files, links or email addresses is a snap with our PTA website builder and can be inserted with just a click of a button!

Simple PTA Management & Administration

The simplicity of Connecting Parents website builder doesn’t stop when you complete your PTA web site design. Administration is also a breeze with the Login Manager, which allows you to create administrators and passwords to ensure that only the people you choose can edit specific pages. In addition, with its simple PTA Form Management and Form Builder, Connecting Parents website builder can help you easily create your own online forms with custom fields for parent teacher surveys and more.

Advanced PTA Web Site Design Capabilities

Connecting Parents web creation software is nearly unlimited in its design capabilities and allows you to create unlimited pages as well as customize your site colors and breitling replica graphics. With Connecting Parents website builder, you can also create custom header graphics and interactive calendars to give your site a personalized style. Click here for additional PTA web site features.

User-Friendly Interface

Not only does Connecting Parents website builder make designing your PTA web site easy, but it also provides an easy-to-use end product for your visitors. With fast page loading and easy navigation, visitors to your site will never have a problem finding exactly what they need.


About MediaBlend

Headquartered in Orange County, California, MediaBlend/Connecting Parents has been serving both the U.S. and international markets since its founding in 1998 and develops exceptional Web sites and Web-based software solutions that ease the process of doing business online.

For more information on Connecting Parents website builder please contact info@ConnectingParents.us or call (949) 293-9189.